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Hello Vlasta and Vitek, once again thank you for a wonderful, for me, and enlightening weekend "Body is the temple of the soul" I admire you for your openness and understanding for others. Going through own birth as adult is really incredible beutiful. Julia

Hi Vlasta, Vítek,
thank you for the course. I enjoyed calm and friendly atmosphere but the thing I give credit for you most is you personal approach and your interest in understanding the human and help him, be there for him when he needs it.
Thank you that you helped me see that there is plenty of energy in me and support me in my first steps while discovering, precepting and recieving it.
And thank you even for your comments during the dinner and evening talk which inspired me to think about where do I wanna go.

A little more confident,

Dear Vlasta, Vítek
Back to the weekend - I know for far long that you are my star and it has been confirmed again that Vítek is the pro. You had it prepaired very well. I'm touched by your perception and concern. And by the amoung of detail in preparation. I apprecidate hwo much time you spend with it.
Anyways, I want to emphasize that I like the way you lead it.

Food was amazing, completely cleaned me up.

Vlasta, Vítek
Wonderful experiences from the couse still sounds in me and I hope they will for sometime. Thank you so much for them and I hope we will see each other soon on event like this.

NAMASTE, I hug you

Hello Vlasta,
again thank you so much for lovely weekend which you prepaired for us.

Hi Vlasta,
I'd like to thank you for superb weekend, it was perfect. It still sounds in me and completely fulfilled my expectations. I think we met together as a great bunch of people. I moved myself again a long farther and understoop tantra more deeply. Thanks again.

Hey Vlasta,
I'm back at home and very, very satisfied. Thank you once again for everything you've done. I apprecidate it a lot. It was really great weekend in every aspect.
Thank you, Ivo

Liebe Patricia,
ich bin noch ganz erfüllt vom Wochenende und kann das, was mich noch bewegt, gar nicht alles aufschreiben. Jedenfalls nochmals vielen lieben Dank, dass Du mir zu diesem wunderschönen, einmaligen Erlebnis verholfen hast.