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The list of our upcoming courses, sorted by date from the nearest ones.

In order to obtain a Tantralife massage certificate you need to participate in five certification courses (marked at the beginning of each description). Prior experience is not required and the first course in the row is designed especially for beginners.
Partners rituals including couching are organised according to individual demand during whole year as well as tantric couple massages.

Tantra massage training

Teaching tantric massage, tutorials and individual trainings OR organization of Tantric experience evenings are always offered on the basis of your individual request here: vlastapatricia@gmail.com Or tel:+420 604 982 713

Price: €0/person
Place: Praha 9
Lectors: Patricia

Passed courses

Only courses with english description are listed here. Check the czech version for more courses.

Tantric Magic I

Practical weekend for couples a individuals where you will learn how to consciously experience your sexuality in secure environment and the sacredness of Tantra.
Experience communication on conscious as well as energetic level. Explore touch as a language of communication, giving and receiving, use touch as medium through which one can say a lot with the right intention or read and feel from it. Gain a better understanding of yourself and your partner
through touch.

We will teach you how to integrate gained experience into your (couple's) lives, how to communicate effectively and be happier. The weekend, packed with new experience and realization, will be topped up with a group ritual, where you will be supported by Tantra Magic in making you intentions clear and well formulated for the Universe to understand.

All this will bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams and wishes, and make space for more joy and happiness in your lives. Couples, that like to try new things, shall get new insight. In a safe environment, try out unusual various kinds of touch and explore your limitations. Strengthen your relationship and draw inspiration and energy from this quality time spent together, for many days/weeks after the course, thanks to the powerful release of feelings and deeply logged emotions, and thus increased flow of energy as well as the unparalleled intensity of the whole experience.

Past dates:
• Mar 15 – Mar 17, 2013

Body is a Temple of Soul 2

You are invited to come and experience advanced Tantra Techniques: expanded orgasm, the Big Draw. Also new in the programme: Tibetan Tantra Massage.Powerful inner growth exercises and morning meditation are part of the workshop. The workshop is open for singles and couples, some experience with tantra and massage is necessary. This workshop loosely follows 5th
part of Tantra Massage School.

Past dates:
• May 31 – Jun 02, 2013

Yoni massage and prostate massage

Certification course 3/5

During this weekend you will learn how to do the intimate massage of a woman and anal and prostate massage for a man.
The evening will feature worship ritual for women, for her pleasure and healing. Awaken of senses and sensuality.
Preparation breathing and unwinding exercises with sharing in circle will help to connect your body with everything that is affecting you. It is also the first preparation for recognizing and feeling your own energy completely in a wider context, as well as the energy of others. Massage techniques are an integral part of the process.

Past dates:
• Apr 22. - Apr 23, 2016

Kasmere massage. 4th dimension

In 3.part of School of tantric massage we teach the procedure pf Kashmiri massage and massage called The Fourth Dimension. This is a massage of the face, mouth, nose, ears.
We will continue to explore opportunities to extend your sexual energy by an enlarged lingam massage and for women massage yoni.
This workshop is for advanced.
Worskhop price includes translation fees and is different from amount in Czk.

Past dates:
• Jan 13 – Jan 14, 2017

Body is a Temple of the soul

The 4th part of the school of tantric massage offers:
We will continue exploring the opportunities to extend your sexual energy by an enlarged lingam massage and yoni massage. Big draw technique for men.
Crown massage - between 5th and 7th chakra and Deep facial massage.
This workshop is for advanced participants.
Worskhop price includes exchange fees and is therefore different from the fee in CZK.

Past dates:
• Sep 15 2017 - Sep 16 2017