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About us

Who are we?

Patricia and Vítek

We met in a training course of tantra massage. Patricia's path at the time was therapeutic massage (more than 15 years) to tantric (more than 7 years) and Vítek's path led through yoga (more than 15 years), to Tantra (more than 10 years).

Our powerful energy that attracted us to each other during the two-Tantric training bound us together as a couple. We affirm our bonds yearly through the Celtic wedding ritual. The ritual's preparation strengthens the bonds of a couple's love and mutual respect.

What can you learn from us?

We'll show you how to break free from ingrained dysfunctional patterns and fears.

In our courses of tantra and tantric massages you learn how to break free from ingrained dysfunctional patterns and fears that constrict you and your stamina and how to use the liberated energy to bring peace and joy to your sole and live a fuller life. You will a safe experience (not only) fully and without intimacy concerns both in individuals and in pairs.

Our experience

In Borek pod Troskami Our strength is the ability of great mutual communication through which we are able to comprehensively and clearly explain the principles of successful transfer and co-existence with individuals or in pairs.

Equally important is our strong empathy, experience in body work, empathy and joy of the help and support you, your healing and your experience.

We will teach you how to enrich your current or potential relationship using the elements of Tantric massage, breathing techniques and tantric practices. We have included them in our everyday lives and we have great experience with them. We can help you live life to the fullest, enjoying every day of life's journey.


Patricia I was born in Hradec Kralove under the sign of the Gemini. I studied at Charles University in Prague. Since 2000 I've been strongly committed to massage and masseur techniques.

The first helper on my journey in healing was in 1997, beginning with learning of the macrobiotic view of the Institute of Holistic Medicine in Prague. An energy-balanced diet led me to further work, as well as work on the Dorn method, regression therapy, reflexology, family constellations, tantra yoga and tantra massage which became not only my hobby, but my life's mission.

The founder of Tantra Patricia massage studio

I am the founder of Tantralife – tantric massage school and massage studio in Prague. My first "pilot" courses occurred in the years 2008/09. They included a Tantric and Ayurvedic massage course for masseurs, introduction to Tantra for women's groups and an intensive weekend for Tantra masseurs. In the spring of 2010 I successfully completed second year of a 120 hour certification course for tantric masseurs, which I conducted with Pavel. The program includes new Tantric experience weekends for couples and individuals, who want to enrich their intimate life.

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Vítek I was born in Frydek, when the sun was in Virgo, the Ascendant in Capricorn, the strong influence of Scorpio. Astrological directed my way of Aquarius, Leo, and according to the Chinese horoscope I am the tiger. Professionally, however, I'm an IT specialist in information systems. What brought me to Tantra? 15 years ago, I began actively practicing yoga, which brings me good physical condition, ability to perceive and use energy; a consistent way of physical and spiritual development. After the initial enthusiasm of success in yoga, I wanted to further explore the potential of the awakened body, which I see as the temple of our soul.

>15 years of active yoga experience and more than 10 years with tantra

The desire for pleasure and delight led me ten years ago to books on Tantra, which is a combination of male and female principles, and is the scope for developing both on the personal and partnership levels. Tantra is the royal road to liberation, pulling together the earth and heaven in us, bringing us to the sacred sexuality as a wonderful source of positive energy with great potential. But unfortunately most of us don't make use of it. During the past seven years I participated in many tantric workshops and met with some of the finest teachers. Particular thanks to one of those who influenced me the most, John Hawken, where I attended a two-year Tantra training and subsequent training in traditional shamanic healing of the Native American people. Since last year, I've been practicing the Tai Chi Yang, where I found the essence of practically utilizing the flexibility and power of the principles involved in relaxation with combat elements. I am happy when I see a common plane connecting various systems and try to use the best of them for further development.

After meeting Patricia, the two of us gladly and humbly ventured into exploring the possibilities offered by Tantra and Tantric techniques. In our courses. We offer to both individuals and pairs, we communicate our love and experiences to you, our students.

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